Project Log: 2016-06-06

It's June, we're almost halfway through 2016 and I feel it's about time we made a big leap with the G1 backlog that's mostly just been sitting there since March. Here's the plan, I want to get done with G1, minus Mainstream, until the end of next month, July 31. That's 13-1 issues that have to be closed, some of them relatively big systems. This will be a challenge, I'll have to dedicate a lot of time to Aura, but it's doable.

Afterwards I'll start working on the Mainstream quests, and finally, after that, I'm gonna fix up some remaining issues to complete Aura G1. Official due date: August 31, 2016

Everyone is still very welcome to help us, and please remember there's research to be done for several issues, which almost everyone can help with. This could be resolved much faster with your help, especially in regards to that PTJ issue.

Lastly on the topic of Aura, a quick overview of what was done last week:

  • You can now fish quest scrolls.
  • Several collection quests have been added, that can be bought or fished.
  • Magnum Shot penetrates Defense just like Smash now.
  • AIs can't run with Defense active anymore.
  • Weaving Gloves give a production bonus for their respective product now.
  • Gold quest rewards can now be changed via a conf value, like exp rewards.
  • The quest exp reward now actually actually gets affected by its conf value =P"
  • Stamina and Mana usage for skills is now more official-like.


Unfortunately the above is bad news for all of you who're hoping for progress on Melia. Aura is my primary project and it simply has priority. Since there's only 1-2 other people who seem remotely interested in working on it, the progress will stay slow for some more time. That is unless the community steps up of course.

Discuss your ideas and plans on the forum, GitHub, and Gitter, make pull requests, and capable devs will get direct access to the repo.