Project Log: 2016-06-13
A productive week! Two G1 milestone issues have almost been cleared: Titles and Daily Effects.

Just recently the issue for titles was created, because we had forgotten about them and you basically didn't get any yet  Now all G1 titles that aren't related to the Mainstream quest are given to players, with the only missing function being the effect of the "friend of" titles.

While looking through the titles we need for G1 I learned that that the "friend of" titles you were able to get in the past, I'm not sure if you can still get them, have an interesting effect if you talk to to the NPCs of Tir Chonaill: You get free items, every Erinn day (every 36 minutes). For example, as the friend of Malcolm, you get all of the following items:

  • Duncan: Phoenix Feather x3
  • Caitin: Sliced Bread x1
  • Dilys: HP 10 Potion x5
  • Lassar: Mana 10 Potion x3
  • Malcolm: Score Scroll x1
  • Ranald: Stamina 10 Potion x3
  • Trefor: White Spider's Fomor Scroll x1

I wish I had known this when I still played Mabi, who doesn't like free items?^^

Unfortunately we're currently missing the dialog for the "friend of Deian" title, which we don't have ourselves. If one of you has it, please contact us, here or on the chat, and we'll explain to you what exactly we need. As soon as that's done, the issue will be closed.

The other issue I worked on is the Daily Effects, another recent issue we totally forgot about. Most of the time we probably don't even pay attention to these anymore, save for those who do production, but as a G1 feature we must certainly have it. 2-3 effects were already working, almost all others were added, the few remaining ones require some thought on how to implement them, because our implementation doesn't support them very well. But that's basically just a formality.

With (almost) 2 issues down, we continue the journey, and remember, there are still issues we could use some help with. I would like to add the missing upgrade effects this week, so if someone has items with them, I'd be grateful for a log them.