Project Log: 2016-08-09
Hey everyone, sorry that I'm a day late with the log, I just didn't have the time yesterday. After all, writing this log can take me an hour or more at times^^" Anyway, let's get to the interesting stuff.

I've been working on Entrusting Enchantments this past week, one of the few remaining G1 issues. I didn't get it done completely yet (that was originally planned for yesterday), but I'm 99% done, which means entrusting burning is like 95% done as well, since it uses the exact same system.

Both are quite similar to trading, with the exception that only the requesting creature puts items in, into 3 inventory pockets in this case, and the other creature casting the skill afterwards. Unfortunately this is something we didn't plan for, so Enchant will need some refactoring, which is the 1% missing. It's actually kinda working already, but how the items are removed/decremented and updated is currently incorrect, since the handler uses the user of the skill as reference.

I'm going to publish my branch in a few minutes so you can already take a look at it, and I'm going to finish the two features tomorrow. By next week I want to be done with this, simultaneous attacks, and player shops. The week after, guilds and RP, and finally the G1 mainstream, while doing PTJs in between those.

And now I'm finally gonna take a look at those PR we got in the past week^^"