Project New World
 A snippet from my second publication, Project New World.

This sneak-peek was originally posted on my Facebook page;

[coming soon]

“Hello and welcome,  everyone.” Tom smiled. “I wanted to start off by saying how thankful I  am to have you all with me today. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us,  but we’ve been given the opportunity to achieve some very important  milestones in regards to the survival of the human race.” His smile  faded as he began to pace the room, progressively meeting eyes with  everyone in the room.

“As you all  know, our planet has been under attack by a nearby world that intends to  take over our resources for their own production. In the past, we have  attempted diplomatic strategies to no avail. Unfortunately, their  civilization is much more advanced than our own and we’re fighting a  losing battle.” He stood still, looking around the room.

 “However, we’re here to build a brighter future for mankind. I’ve  invited you all to take part in this very important journey with me. I’m  confident that together, we can save humanity from an almost certain  extinction.” He retrieved a tiny device from a pocket inside his lab  coat before pointing to the large projector screen behind him as it came  to life with data and plans.

“This is Project New World. It has  been my life’s work to create a machine that can bridge the gap between  our dimension and another. I have successfully been able to cross that  divide, even transporting a small containment unit with organic material  without incident. I have also been able to view that container remotely  from our dimension to ensure its continued existence and safety.” A few  of the scientists and engineers raised their brows at his claims.

 “So, let me get this straight.” One of the engineers, a blonde,  shaggy-haired man crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. “You’re  telling us that we’re going to essentially create a new planet for  humanity to live on. Is that correct?”

Tom grinned as he pressed a button to change the slide. Sprawled across the projector screen was a planet unlike their own.

“That is correct, Samuel.”