Project/Program Manager Interview Questions in audio format - 30 Second Responses
Over the past many months, I have become quite good a interviewing (IMHO… of course I am still unemployed, so take it for what it's worth).  I am hearing many of the 'standard' questions for a Project/Program Manager and what to share with you.
  • I have compiled many of the questions in mostly .M4A format for you to download for free (if you have the means, please consider a few bucks, for my time and effort.  Visit my PATREON page.
  • Different people and computer voices reading off the questions to give it a realistic feel. 
  • Download it and put the 'album' on random when you're in the car or at the gym and practice, practice, practice.  I found myself having to get very succinct with my answers.
  •  Appropriate pauses after each question (with announcements).  There is a beep when you have 30 seconds left, and another when you have 10 seconds left.

If it helps, please let me know! 

Click on the image above or go to Scroll down to the bottom of the page for all the Question Sample Downloads