Project Template Setup
Had a great game of D&D today. 

At one point, the players debated how much value there'd be in completing a side mission that might give them temporary magical flight. They decided against it. An hour later, when they were running for their lives, the newest player sighed and said "It'd be really nice to fly right now." I love those moments.

This is a quick behind-the-scenes video for the layout template for each Pages from the Lost Grimoire issue. I intend to do sneak peeks like this on a variety of parts of the process if possible. Some videos will stay for patrons only, others will become available to the public a short time later.

Rico, editor extraordinaire, has finished editing both Storm Spirit and Earthly Treasures. The plan is release both in December, and then one a month(ish) after that. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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