Project to Reveal #911Truth and Create #FreeEnergy
After researching into the "attacks" on September 11, 2001, I stumbled upon the work of Dr. Judy Wood and was #BlownAway! I was shocked to learn that the towers did not actually "collapse" but rather turned to dust in mid-air! I spent a great deal of time trying to debunk her findings but could not at all!

What convinced me the most about her work was that she was blacklisted from Wikipedia, the Fakestream Media, and even the main 9/11 "Truth" websites. Now the reason she is being so heavily censored is because her research reveals that the technology used to turn the powers to dust could be described as Directed Free Energy technology. This also means that the technology could be used to provide #FreeEnergy to the entire world!

The existence of this technology (and suppression) raises questions about our very reality and what we deem possible. This knowledge of #FreeEnergy technology existing has made me motivated to not only reveal this to the masses, but also to undergo the research and development of my own #FreeEnergy device; which will be completely open source so that all can replicate and use!

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