Project Veritas Bombshell Twitter Censorship And Shadow Banning Agenda - Let's talk censorship...
To being, I want to express how CBS has been going out of their way to silence my 2017 Year In Review Video. In this episode, I expose the fact that CBS is protecting serious human rights abusers and sexual predators in Hollywood and within CBS by claiming that my fair use of the Dr. Phil show, used to show proof that President Trump's executive orders in February relating to ending human trafficking were directly related to the airing of that episode, and how the Trump Administration is working around the clock to end the Deep State and usher in the 21st Century of space exploration through the newly revitalized National Space Council. CBS doesn't want you to know this information, which is why they are threatening to have my YouTube channel shut down if I do not comply with their demands. I connected for viewers a very important thing to realize about CBS - they are the agency behind Star Trek's new series called Discovery that emphasizes space wars, Trump supporters as Klingons, and propaganda like you've never seen before - all designed to control the narrative and keep your eye off the real ball that exists within Area 51 and Area S4. Its important to understand that Qanon has referenced Alice 27 times and "Alice & Wonderland" 24 times since October 30th to January 3rd. These numerous efforts to get us moles to dig into the truth of these clues has been repeated constantly because people simply weren't getting it. In Area 51, according to Dr. Dan Bersich there is a 3 foot mural of the Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit at Level 4-2 in Area 51 S4. On that floor there is a Looking Glass and a Stargate (like the TV series just no circle, just a ramp). Q instructed us to #FollowTheWhiteRabbit and well, it took us into Area 51 and the Secret Space Program.

#Qanon has come out from the shadows of the white hat shadow Government and has posed many questions for all of us to answer. During this episode, callers call into the Michael Trimm Show and ask their questions relating to whats going on with Qanon.

Many new insights were given by callers with respect to Jeff Sessions revoking the regulations relating to marijuana consumption in states that have legalized it. The caller connected the dots to the Obama administration's efforts to revoke the 2nd Amendment by legalizing weed and confiscating all "drug users" weapons. This was revoked just before it was to be activated. Remember, had Hillary Clinton won, this would have become a reality. A true trojan horse. I encourage you to watch the full 2+ hour broadcast to listen to each caller's comments, questions, and remarks regarding the intimate connections between CBS trying to silence my 2017 Year In Review video and whats going on geopolitically that Qanon is telling us to pay attention to.

The Michael Trimm Show is dedicated in 2018 to being a free and fair platform for constructive dissemination and analysis of the whole #Qanon phenomenon and exercise. Support this channel in more ways than one by being part of the discussion, sharing this content with everyone you know, multiple times, to bypass the extreme levels of censorship being imposed on my account as a result of CBS being unhappy that they aren't able to control the narrative of my broadcast simply because I dared to use evidence of the swamp being drained that they admitted was actually happening and very real. Despite their opinions and desires to protect the pedophiles and sexual harasses at CBS by not allowing evidence supplied by their brand to be shown outside of their control. Sorry, thats not how fair use law works. This stuff is directly related to the executive order signed by President Trump on December 21st, essentially declaring Martial Law in the United States over these serious human rights abusers. 

CBS is desperately trying to censor my 2017 Year In Review video. Bypass the censorship by viewing or listening to the broadcast using these alternative options below:

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