Project Wargods Battleplan
Hey everyone!

For those interested, here's a bit of a layout doc showing what my plans are for Project Wargods! This is still VERY early and just kind of a general direction.  

Any ideas / feedback are totally welcome! 


GAMEPLAY =====================

My hope is to successfully cross Black and white with Populous The Beginning.

The gameplay will be slower than POP and there will be a greater focus put on building rather than just making your army.

The current basic goal of each world is to destroy the enemies town center, forcing them to retreat through their portal.

each map will contain a neutral town holding a unique blueprint, or a spell relic located somewhere on the map

The enemy village will already have this new item so it's a good idea to grab it too!

MAP OBJECTS =====================


Villagers travel to your town through your portal. The Chieftain is reborn there upon death as well

Neutral village:

hold new buildings. Must be conquered or befriended to gain

-- Conquer: Destroy village center to gain blueprint

-- Befriend: Gift the town with resources to gain blueprint

Skystone Relics:

Worship at these to learn new spells

-- pedestal - Gain one-use spell

-- Obelisk - Gain permanent spell

MAP RESOURCES =====================

stone / Tree:

building Resource

Godstone / Elder tree:

Endless resource


used to make magic infused villagers / magic buildings

BUILDINGS =====================

Town Center:

Holds small amount of wood / stone / Skystone resource

have villagers worship at center to increase magic re-gen speed

if town center is destroyed the game is over

if town center still stands, up to 6 villagers will migrate through the portal, even if no hovels exist


Houses Villagers.

Hurt villagers can heal in Hovels.

Huts increase your max villager count


no use atm ,may be dropped. (possibly buffs village ie: increases migration rate or Hovel healing speed);


another buff possibly?

Wood hut / Stone Hut / Skystone Hut:

-- stores extra resources, lower travel time for villagers


Guard post, alarms player if enemy is near. Extends reach of ranged villagers

Armory Hut:

Turn villagers into warriors. Basic Melee combat units

Range Hut:

Turn Villagers into Archers. Basic projectile units

Skystone Buildings:

Create different magic ability villagers, use spells similar to the ones wielded by the chieftain. each spell type has its own hut, mainly to make towns look cooler

Craftsman Hut:

Turns any special villager back into a normal one ( something I desperately wanted in Populous :P )

DECOR =====================


Visual flare only, the AI will take the most direct route to the job, because path finding is tough :P


Light up the night!

VILLAGER INFO =====================

All villagers can worship at the town center or Skystone pedestals. Only the chieftain can worship at obelisks.


the head honcho. The Chieftain wont do anything unless directed by the player unless provoked into close quarters combat. The chieftain can use any magics discovered at the some of some magic points.


the workforce of your town. Villagers are the only members who can harvest resources and build buildings

Villagers can carry resources to neutral towns as a gift in order to befriend them

Trained Villagers:

Trained are locked into their rolls and cant build, they can however worship, and heal in huts.

Just a basic rundown of ideas so far

Let me know what you think!

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