Project: Downsizing (Yard Sale)
At the top of the to-do list is our downsizing project. As with many people, this is an on-going project in our house. When we moved to Central PA in 2002, we moved from a house, and not everything made it then. We had a large purge of older things, family photos, and a few important things that just did not accompany us 15 years ago. It was our first taste of what a loss of 'stuff' was like; quite similar to what people experience after a flood or fire, but without the devastating 'event.' Circumstances surrounding the move were traumatic enough, I guess we could say.

Still, with young and growing children, which they were at the time, we did not spend a lot of time going through much of the minutiae we had. Over the years, it accumulated--years of school papers, books, notes, and toys. Not all of it holds sentimental value, either, so it boils down to mindful management.

As I have described to a few friends, by the time most young people reach their early 20s, they are off to school or ready for a place of their own; kind of like a cell division. I know I was more than ready at that age, and inherited more than a few things from family. This is not our current reality, so while stuff "could" be divided among them, it really is not going anywhere. Hence, the need to downsize.

So, we are placing a mindful focus on organizing and reorganizing to reduce clutter, sorting our wants-versus-needs. Getting rid of perfectly usable (and quite a few unusable) things in a mindful way. So, yard sale it shall be. Stay tuned for updates, because at the rate we are going, one weekend may not be enough. ~ Blessings! :)