projecTransparency: drive-by everything
in which i make an awful video and babble for 7-ish minutes about--things. but, i do need prompts, so let's have 'em, folks. I'M SO TIRED. but, yeah, i'm going to be reviewing pretty deadly, the wicked and the divine, sex criminals, and saga for the rainbow hub. so--expect booktube things soon. carolyn paplham, dreamscope designs: and, carolyn's tumblr because tumblr: _________ *tentacle-made studios and projecTransparency’s Patreon ( *remember that shirts and things are available over on tentacle-made studios' redbubble ( *and, that tentacle-made studios has commission page! ( tentacle-made studios everywhere: 'trie's tumblr: 'trie's instagram: 'trie's twitter: 'trie's studio blog: 'trie's online portfolio (i.e., flickr): projecTransparency on tumblr and, in case y'all are really curious about what i write for The Rainbow Hub (, y'all should check out my tag there (