Projects and Plans!
I've had a few ideas in mind, but for those unaware of these, I'ma sum them up right here and now.

Project - Inconvenience Store Reboot
This is an old webcomic I made a long time ago and wish to reboot with the help of patrons and just anyone interested really.
PLOT: Shadow and Knuckles run a convenience store for no particular reason whatsoever, which would get them in some pretty funny situations with no particular reason behind them.

Why Patreon for this project?
Because, with the help of Patreon, I'll be able to have interactions with those interested in the little project.  Whether that be by voting on poles, or outright helping write some pages!  I want to include you guys, and this is how I'm hoping it'll work.

There are many unused concepts for this webcomic and I hope to add new ones as I go, as well as get you guys involved as well.

Plan - More Frequent Request Streams
To put it bluntly?  I wanna be able to give out free art.  I wanna be able to take requests.  Hopefully, for both patrons and non-patrons alike, someday.

This is all I have, but I hope to give you guys more project ideas someday, and maybe you'll gimme some right back?

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