Projects in Process
Here's an overview of what work is currently in development - things you'll see more of as a patron over the next year, and that will come to fruition with your support.

ENTER THE VOID: an installation project (working-title)

This will be a fully immersive art experience, taking visitors from the bright lights of daily life to the glittering darkness of the void, embracing space witchery and all that moves and shines in spaces-between. I'll be using body art skills (see header image), improvisational duetmaking, and a lot of unusual lighting design, in combination with text, sound, and physical objects. The process of entry to the void will be ritualized, and involve a stamped ticket, a "passport" poetry-chapbook-and-program, airlocks, a logbook, and a parting gift, a little take-home piece of the darkness itself.

This is a good time to talk about reward tiers! This project will activate all three tiers. Everyone will see behind-the-scenes development footage and photos, and information about my collaborators (a dancer, a second makeup artist, a lighting designer...). You'll also be able to read the poems selected for the chapbook - some by me, some by other poets. Ephemera patrons will receive stamped tickets of passage (and I'm researching photochromic and thermochromic inks; these aren't gonna be boring old print jobs), free event entry, and a chapbook; Realia patrons will also receive the relic of the void. 

Here's a poem to give you a taste. "Perihelion" was published in Strange Horizons in November 2016. 


For this comet's path I chose it, carved it

to be our temporary castle. In the act of opening

I let its secrets leak out into the starlight,

exposing this pocked and hissing water-ice

as blue as your seven elder sisters.

I shaped it to us till it shone. It is not terraformed

(this is no earth) but transfigured: a chiselled, burnished fluid.

You descend, shimmering darkly.

The scent of you, of alien metals, diffuses

into my atmosphere of breath and frozen dust.

And of desire: you, nebula-born, you empyrean beauty,

I would see you nova-bright and radiant,

pulsing, brilliant with every cosmic hue.

Yet I have tumbled through so many skies,

and found none to be your match. I have no stars to give.

I hold out my empty hands. As solar wind strokes the ice-wall

into light, into life, my reaching fingers glitter with their gift:

We are the void. (I touch your cheek.)

We hold the stars already,

and we burn, we burn.

SOLO SHOW: dance performance, not yet named

A more traditional dance experience - a collection of solos performed by me, exploring facets of my movement and body, with particular interest in how movement capacity is [expanded on] by objects and architecture, and how those can then translate into unique literal perspective and engagement for the audience. I'll be building some set pieces and making use of aerial fabric, which I've been studying for the past year. I won't be the only choreographer, either! I've invited a few other choreographers to set solos on me, and some have said yes.

This is still very much in early development. Only one piece is finished; two others are half-made. Three or four others are in the conceptual or invitational stage. I hope to have a rough-finished lineup by next summer.  For now, have a small clip from a recent rehearsal! 

BODILY HUMOURS: haptic poetry installation

You can read this suite of embodiment poems here. (It's on page 25.)

Each poem has a strong visual or other sensory image at its core. I plan to translate that image into a color and texture, in textile form. That textile will then frame an area in which a dancer (or in one case, pair of dancers) moves in a way related to the original body-feeling that inspired the poem. Audiences will move through space from poem to poem, able to watch movement, listen to or read poems, and touch demo pieces of each fabric. Technology permitting, there will be a subtle ambient soundscape as well.

This project is farthest from completion - a year, maybe more.

A photo of some of the materials gathered for the first poem:


i. forest

I stand and become the forest, 


in the wind invisible. 

I find my direction 

from my own shadow.


I have an essay brewing on physical and emotional safety in mixed-ability ensemble-building; there's a poetry MS out on submission; and lately I'm dabbling in tailoring. Who knows! We'll find out together. I'm glad you're here to come along for the ride!