Projects! Onwards
Projects! I'm in several. Several is three.

By The Other podcast is now being written. It's very excite. We've just started, so it'll be a little ways off, but fingers crossed for do-lot-quick.

W4U Zine has its submissions in and we're doing editing and so forth, projected release date is still June 22nd. I'll have a retouched edition of Count along with a piece of flash fiction.

Comics?? Stuff?? Project collaboration things, a lot of it, I'm very excited to work on things. Some are older (unreleased???) works in new mediums. But also crafty and visuals. 

Other work I've got personal work still on the table. Nothing so large as a novel, but I continue to muse on Bowing, write oneshots, and consider submissions abroad. I might like to participate in a #PitDark or #QueryKombat next year.