Projekt Lila remastered is Gold
Projekt Lila remastered for CD32, Amiga and indieGO! is Gold. 

As you may know we had troubles with the original CD's on multiple CD32 consoles. So we had decided to do a reprint but not just a 1:1 copy. Erik Hogan has helped us to create a Animation for the CD32 version and he updated the game with a world selection screen (was also part of the download version). So this is basically the 3rd version of the game. The 2nd was available as download version for owners of Project Lila. 


- Removed unnecessary tools

- added intro animation (Logos)

- added new World selection where you will come back whenever you finish a world. 

- added a small booklet

All customers who have bought the game (where doesn't matter) will become the remastered CD-ROM and the booklet via Post (shipping will be paid by us).

Everyone who buys the game new, will become 2 CD-ROM's (the old and the remastered) in 1 DVD-case plus the booklet. 

The total box number is still limited to 500 pieces. We won't create additional CD's. See it as service and replacement. 

Every box is numbered and signed. 

The CD-Production is running and we should have the discs in the first week of October.