We just came to this country 6 months ago and my mother already twisting my brains about the college. So here I am, sitting in the registrar office. I got to say, this is a nice looking college, I wasn't expecting that. It is made from the bricks in a more conservative style. At the first glance it looked quite small, but the random guest could be easily get lost in here. They even have a beach, apparently they are the only ones in the entire city. The office, though, really simple one. A couple of tables with computers on, slightly old ones to my taste. Sitting next to me is a nice looking woman, I would say in her forties. 

-So, what major are you thinking of? - She asked me, pulling me out of my thoughts, - We have quite a few options for you to choose from. 

-Oh god, I didn't really think over this, I always was interested in the meaning of life, I guess. You know, what is real and what not. What to believe in or not. 

-Philosophy, then, she said with a slight smile, -but first, I'd like you to fill out this application for me. 

"Name:" Well, let me introduce myself to you as well, the followers of my story. My name is Thomas Kim. Yeah, I know. It is not my "real" name, but it is the name that is easier for western people to pronounce. 

The second line on the application says "Gender:", a male, check

Now, they are asking my race, I guess you already figured it out, I am an Asian. A Korean, to be more specific. No, not the "bad" one, from the South Korea.

"Age:", I am 21 years old. 

As I finished the rest of my application, I gave it back to the woman. It just got me, I did not hear her name. Well, that's embarrassing, I hope I'll never see her again.

-Alright, now that we are done with basic stuff, - she said to me while taking the papers from me, - let's choose you a major for the years to come. 

Now that after hours (or so it felt) of formalities, I can go home and rest. I feel that I need to tell you more about myself, as I feel we would spend quite some time together. Last year, my dear grandfather died from the lung cancer. He was, no, cross that out, HE IS the ideal personification of a real man. It's a strange feeling: the closest person shading away before your eyes, but it's not in your power to pull him out of the hands of an old woman with the scythe. And in the end, all that, can we do is to prepare to let go. But no, you can never be prepared for this. It was a real shock for all of us, the death of the grandpa and father. Anyway, I got carried away with the philosophy. Hmm, maybe that's why I picked that one as my major. Therefore, my mom decided to move into the new country, the country where all the dreams come true. 

The drop of water pulled me out of my thoughts. I looked up at the sky, and of course, it's starting to rain. The bus stop is all away across the bridge. My luck. I looked around me, everybody just started to run, in any possible direction. But you know what? I don't care, I am going to get wet anyway. While I was crossing the bridge, a woman caught my eye. She was standing on the edge of the damn bridge. I turned my head around. It's strange, it looks like as if no one could see her. When I approached her, she looked at me. Right in the eyes. Her eyes. They are so blue, almost purple actually. So deep...

-Excuse me, ma'am, is everything alright?

She didn't answer. She just kept looking at me. I felt as I needed, no, had to get closer to her. As I was reaching out to her with my hand, just when I got closer to her, she slipped. I tried to grab on to her, she dragged on to my hand. We fell, I didn't feel anything. Maybe, because I got so scared. Everything was spinning, I was suffocating. And then suddenly, just when I started to panic, something or someone pulled me up. I gasped for air. Inhaling to my full lungs. What the hell she was thinking about. I wiped the water from my eyes, and at that moment, just when I opened my eyes, I realized something. Something was wrong. Different. Not just the place, but the whole world.