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* Sounds of steps *. We arrived at the entrance where the Demon Lord is. The four stopped using magic hoods to protect us from the environment around the castle; I thought we were already in the end of our adventure. So one of my party members began talking, he is Aeroto, our strategist but sometimes behaves as the team leader who wield double katar, although our aliases that were assigned to us by the guild. Watoko the girl in our group that is our sorceress and healer at a time, use a magic blue rock floating around it instead of a scepter or magic wands. Geodus is the tank tall guy from the party which wields a large mech-sword while I'm blazker, the team leader using a gun sword but does not see me as one. -We should make preparations before entering and Geodus attach yourself to plan, you will jeopardize us, so do not take it lightly that we will face, understand? -Yes, if, as you say, you know we'll be fine, we always see the way forward, plus I'm always ready with my mechanics sword and I trained for this moment. -I'm excited, finally I know the great demon lord in person, and I'd like your autograph. -Watoko nor that if was a celebrity; maybe he'll kill you before asking. I answered to Watoko, after i proceed to open the large door. * Squeak * Large door opening. We enter the four when we saw someone sitting on the throne sleeping as if he had concerns to ask me to see the way it was. -Is this the demon lord who was looking for all this time? I thought I'd see more threatening but this is a just a kid and I guess those horns are to be false ornaments. -Don't Let her appearance fool you, while it is asleep, use this opportunity to attack. Aeroto said with a serious tone but hesitated to do so, not being clear, if he was really that we were looking and their childlike appearance did not help with that decision because if he had a look that was said at school as a demonic being or at least with adult form. -That would be boring, better wake up to him for have an epic battle against the demon lord. Geodus said it as he raised his right arm with much confidence. -But it looks very cute; it would be a waste to kill him. She said a little upset because could not say what his expression was inside from hoods. -Besides, we do not know if he really is the demon lord. After saying that, I realized he was waking up he looked annoyed at us. -Who dares to interrupt my dream, who are you?, I've never seen you around here, I will consider doing anything if you withdraw from here, on the contrary i will call to get them out of here for housebreaking. The atmosphere began to feel heavy with through his words and his presence but we must not flinch at this. -I told them we should have taken advantage of while he was asleep. -This will be exciting and he woke up, come on, come get me, taste the edge of my sword. -Aw, he woke up, I wanted to keep seeing his face asleep. Sometimes I think she joined us just to know and admire the demon lord in person than in helping to defeat him. -Perhaps has not heard me, get out of here but will regret. He spoke again the demon lord and asks him to get me out of doubt followed by Aeroto. - Are you, the demon lord? - A mere child thinks he can threaten us? He was angrier and increasingly a kind of dark aura became more noticeable -You Insolent fools, Of course I am the lord of the castle, which you left in the head, Ark the demon lord, whom should fear me, show me more respect. -Guards!! ... A step silence in the room not happening nothing to Geodus answered. Too bad for you ... have given us no one interrupts us, we have made a long journey to defeat you. -Hahaha, you know how many have tried to get here, most never reaches me, all were destroyed by my people so it's been a long time I was starting to like without having to worry that someone would come for me, but your journey ends here and I will make my servants if you are worthy for all what left of life. He had an intimidating look, he rose from his throne and began to levitate. -Hey Blazker should start letting write to get ready for battle. What he said Geodus to good me started preparing me while Watoko was concentrated to give us support spells for battle and will not describe all the battle, perhaps after the end if they continue or proceed to live because others do not think write it as we beat good hope to continue to live. * An epic battle after *. -Arrgh Do not thinks you have won arrgh. Ark is in an unstable state in which it could explode. -Oh no, their mana is very unstable will not have time to escape and is absorbing all this to around mana for that reason I cannot use my magic to protect us. Watoko with a face plunged into despair fell to the floor. -Yeah, that face one wanted to see, if I die, I will make them die with me muahaha. Ark continued to absorb while still laughing. Aeroto looked desperately trying to think of a plan but it seemed that he could think of nothing while Geodus is lying wounded on the floor. So just was i the only, in trying to do something, so I went straight to him after I'll think but first would have to try to break the barrier. I started thinking that shooting up would weaken its barrier as I came toward him. -That trying to do just cut your little time left. -I do not know but something I have to avoid or sacrifice myself for my friends, Aeroto, Watoko take to Geodus get out of here, I will do something about it. I pull my record to him, Aeroto caught him, took Geodus and went without hesitation, that make me think that not refused to leave me alone, perhaps they did not have any consideration for me throughout the adventure we were, well at least not will suffer for my loss. Apparently Ark was unconscious but still absorbs so I think it will be easier, well I guess this my last day of life, I hope to be remembered as a legend, goodbye to Geodus, Watoko, Aeroto and everyone I met our adventure, but never liked my alias Blazker, let what will happen if I use my mana to try to stop the flow or attempt to redirect that is one of the 4 elemental chosen one, we were told during our adventure after we met Watoko although now that I think I forgot the real names of Geodus or Aeroto but never Watoko mention his real name or is that was his name ?, do not think so, ah because I'm thinking about this, I have no time for this, then I went to hug him but felt uncomfortable but only knew this method and try to stop the flow, but I couldn't, was too much mana, in the end only try to redirect the flows coming and their mana had already absorbed, and I thought I was making progress, i noticed that around me, was distorting, when least I thought, began to explode slowly but i keep clinging to the body, expelling the mana, it felt very damaging and a great force pushing me out, but apparently my mana was protecting me, do not think I can survive for long, So I must not give up, telling me, so I did all my effort. * The explosion at first making me bigger even began to implode distorted and then disappear *. Meanwhile it happened in the Castle escape the other heroes. *fast pace*. Geodus unconscious stood on the shoulders of the two, Aeroto and Watoko, the first had the right arm while the other, she had her left arm. Watoko: - Still a long way to reach the entrance. Now I'm starting to feel tired for burdening Geodus me. Aeroto: -Can't you use your magic or some healing item? To heal him so we do not have in lugging Watoko: - I'm sorry, I can't use yet, no healing potions because I thought that with my magic was enough (Said with a slightly sad voice.)... Aeroto.- Tsk, now're useless. (Upset.) Watoko: - Hey, at least I'm helping carrying Geodus. Aeroto: - Well you're not helping much and then do not say that to load to the two as you say you are very tired The castle was not as a dungeon but was big and tall so in some floors had to surround the entire floor to get to the next step. They continued ran from floor to floor, avoiding the monsters or residents of the castle but by the lack mana of around caused by the absorption of the lord of the demons, especially the residents of the castle was greatly weakened to 3 heroes was starting to affect how they couldn't use his special abilities or magic but if stay long enough, gradually his body would begin to be as weak as a common villager apparently was absorbing more than just mana or their bodies were accustomed to an environment with mana, then suddenly he was heard in the direction where the throne room was which was at the top of the castle noises that tore something from afar that eventually could be heard getting closer to a range for be detected by Watoko, the cause of all the noise. Watoko: - Aah! Aeroto: - What happens? Watoko: - It approaches a huge burst of mana over here! Aeroto: - What! That Blazker so the end couldn't, he looked all confident that something was going to happen in the course, lol, sacrificed for nothing, Watoko. Watoko:- yes? Aeroto:- Let's leave to Geodus behind, so move faster and get out of here. Watoko:- We can't do that, don't want to lose another partner more, there must be another way. Aeroto :-( think fast). Geodus began to wake up while I was thinking Aeroto. Geodus.:- what happened ?, Where's Ark? Aeroto: Oh, he woke up then uses your two legs to run by yourself because something comes here so we don't have time to respond. Geodus: - Better continues as we are, I still feel tired, will serve as training for you because I see you something weakling. * Aeroto getting angry * Aeroto: Watoko I came up with a way to escape from this castle. Watoko: - Ok, What is the plan? Aeroto began with all his strength to spin the body using the 2 arms in order to throw it into a magical window. Aeroto: - desperate situations call for desperate measures! So I’ll use you hard headed. Geodus: - You must be joking! Geodus was released directly to a window. Watoko: -¡Woaaaah ... why you. Aeroto interrupted to Watoko, then the charge in his arms like a princess. * Watoko surprised and a little embarrassed * After went to go to jump out the window. Geodus reaches some windows as touch is activated to eject with a force of dark element but is destroyed because an object of his equipment to deny most dark magic attacks that are weaker than him, after the remains of the window broken went to attack him. Geodus made an attempt to cover the attack with his shield but still received some damage. Aeroto jump out the window in which he entered the field of view filled with fury Geodus. Geodus: - Are you crazy? We are falling from the 3rd floor. Aeroto: - You should thank me, are not all knights, especially tankers are masochists? Also you will reduce the impact of the fall for us. Geodus: - That's just a rumor bad taste! Aeroto: - So do not deny that you're a masochist? Geodus: - I'm not a masochist! Geodus.- After this is over, you'll pay for this. Aeroto: - If you survive this fall. Geodus: Grrr. Watoko: - Stop arguing, the explosion is reaching us. The explosion was already noticeable to the naked eye slowly growing, Watoko try to use magic several times nothing happened until it began to distort the mana of the explosion sending gusts of wind sending fly farther to the 3 heroes, then imploded, Watoko then use all defensive and healing magic to Geodus, worked but received very close to the floor and ended up dragging the earth by the force of the wind gust over falling upside down. Aeroto use of their skills with wind power to reduce the impact of a fall from which he could not use the same reason Watoko could not use his magic in which I landed up on the back of Geodus. Aeroto low Watoko of his arms Aeroto: - Wow, I did not expect that, what really it has happened there? Watoko: - That was strange, never seen anything like it. Aeroto: Watoko should check if Geodus is still alive? Watoko: Ah yes, now I will heal him. Watoko went to where was Geodus despite being healed and protected with magic Again he is just as hurt or worse, and was healed (again) Geodus: - Thanks Watoko, I thought I would die. Now I feel like new, I'm ready to go. Watoko: - It's the least I can do for the group. Eventually the three heroes all abilities and forces returned to normal. Geodus observe the round in which notice was no longer surprised that the castle Ark (Demon lord). Geodus: - what happened to the castle? Some of you defeated him, did not tell them we were going to find a way forward and also where Blazker are. Aeroto: - Blazker is dead, sacrificed for us, Watoko think that strange event,has happened to that explosion disappearance has been the work of Blazker. Watoko: mmm ... maybe. Aeroto: - That does not give me a satisfactory answer, but what difference does that leave me that their sacrifice was not in vain, as he did, who knows? Watoko: - It will be an unsolved mystery as it will not be with us. Geodus: - If i was unconscious all this time? I implied that i haven't trained enough and I missed seeing the defeat of Ark? Watoko: - Is this what you're worried, what about Blazker? Geodus: - He must be fine. Aeroto: - How can you be sure that? If he was in that explosion could not have survived that. Geodus: - Knowing sure found a way to survive. Aeroto: - I doubt it. Watoko: And if we go to where the remains of the castle. Geodus: - Good idea Watoko. Aeroto: - I tell them you only find only rubble. Watoko: - But we can see at least pick up the Blazker body or any remains of Ark. Aeroto: Then let us turn toward it. They went straight to the castle is in ruins, were more than an hour but found nothing that would be useful or bodies. At the end Watoko since he had surrendered something caught his attention. It was the sword-gun Blazker that no explanation had survived but all worn but still taking shape, it had lost its edge and power. Watoko: - Hear the two, found the Blazker weapon. Aeroto: - Let me see. Aeroto staring examines the weapon to face disappointment and throws to Watoko. Aeroto: This no longer works, leave it lying there. Watoko: But. Geodus: - If you want Watoko for the pileup, as Aeroto said it no longer serves. Watoko: - I was thinking as a last memory of Blazker. Aeroto: - * sigh * ... do what you want. Geodus: -I got bored, I found nothing interesting. Aeroto: - I also found nothing worthwhile that means our mission is completed. Watoko: - It is strange, i could not find any trace of Blazker or debris from the explosion. Geodus: - What about residents who were in the castle? Watoko: - They died in the explosion, if they left some residue of mana but Blazker or Ark not, as if they had disintegrated. Geodus: - an idea occurred to me, what if he was sucked and sent to a different world from ours. Aeroto: - That's ridiculous, just like you would think that something besides people who come from other worlds are only myths or stories for children. Geodus: - What do you mean, ‘just people like you'? Also do not remember a legend about long ago. Aeroto: - It's just a legend; it does not mean it's true or if it really happened. (Interrupt Geodus before to continue with that). Aeroto: - (turns) as all this, I'm going to retire from here. Watoko: - Wait, where are you going without us? Aeroto: My work is finished, so I have no obligation to be with you, as part of my gratefulness I’ll let take 40% of the reward. Geodus: - What! Why you remain most of the reward? (Annoyed) Aeroto: - because I did most throughout the adventure we were together, be thankful that initially was thinking that only take 20%. Watoko: - So this is goodbye to this group. Aeroto: - Yes, i Know take care of myself, you are who should take care, goodbye. Watoko: Thank you for joining us. Aeroto goes up right hand like goodbye with a slight smile. Geodus sitting facing the sky remembering all the moments that were each in this adventure, he thought it was time to confess to Watoko and effort. Geodus.- Watoko, there's something I've wanted to tell but could not find the place and time. Watoko: - What you want to tell me? Geodus: - I like you! Please come with me, now that everything is over. Watoko was speechless, there was silence for more than 10 minutes impatient to Geodus that was eating away more and more time passed without any response as a rejection or acceptance. Geodus: - At least say something, do not remain silent, we think to withstand rejection. Watoko: - In that case, I'm sorry I can't have a relationship with you. Not someone like you. Already there is already someone else that I like. Geodus despite having said he could endure the rejection was harder than all the blows it has received and entered in shock with some depression. Geodus: - Can I know who the unfortunate, I say lucky one? Watoko: -I will not say that's a secret, though I see you someone from the family. Geodus: - Family? What? Would be the cousin? Or perhaps older brother? Watoko: - The Pet (saying with a big smile). Geodus: - The Peeeeeeet!? But that's not part of the family, besides I'm not an animal to be a pet. Watoko: - But Aeroto always told me you were the team mascot. Geodus: - It had to be that Aeroto, you most've told her. Watoko: - So you're the uncle? Geodus: - Wait, wait, how I can be your uncle if you're older than me, Watoko: - But you look older than me well no matter, we should now go home to have a good bath and can also help you if you find someone you like. Geodus: - It is time to take a good rest, I deserve it, I guess not will need to train a lot. -Prologue End.
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