Promises, promises!
Ok, my lovelies. To sweeten the pot, not only am I adding two MEGA donation tiers (A Face in the Crowd and "Cameo Time!"), I am adding one. More. Incentive.

For every month we make goal, I personally will add FOUR new pages (on a weekly basis) to "The Mercadian Affair 3.0". This is the ill-fated storyline I have been working on since 2001, and it has seen MANY iterations. However, what you will get here is the FINAL version of this storyline, presented to you, in living color.

Back in 2008, I rebooted the entire franchise and began work on a NEW series of novels, starting with a re-write of "How to Steal a Starship" and a complete top-to-bottom redraft of "The Mercadian Affair". I called this process "Starship Moonhawk 3.0", and our current storyline "Made in the USA" is part of that whole thing. But, wouldn't you like to see how we got to that point? I'm sure you do. So, for every month we land at least $220, I will DOUBLE your pleasure. You not only get Keith's SHINY and BRAND NEW interpretation of "Made in the USA" (as well as subsequent storylines going forward), but each time we maintain our minimum goal, you get DOUBLE the updates until "The Mercadian Affair 3.0" is done.

Check the Starship Moonhawk page this week. I am re-uploading all of the original pages produced onto their own tab for easy archive maintenance and less confusion.


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