Proof that Unique needs Understanding
Hello Friends,

I had quite a year this past I believe we all have. A lot of close-to-home struggles, and far away struggles and hurts. 

In beginning the  of the year, I lost a big bag of stuff. I lost my marbles, lost my way. There were rewards but there were dark places. One of the shining lights of that time was the creativity and insight that flowed through me...though I admit, it was hard (feeling nearly impossible) to make sense of it all. Probably many of you might feel the same.

 The things and ideas I originally wanted to bring to Patreon held inspirations and expansions- many ideas that I just don't have the brain-power to do them all the best I could. 

From progressive and creative thinking to channeling, business planning and happiness counciling. Delegation and plan-mapping- wide ranging ideas and theories. You'd think I could get a standard job like this, but in fact my anxiety gets the best of me some times. In fact, I graduated from community college. I don't claim to be an expert, I don't claim to have any answers. 

I honestly don't know what I  should be called- is it art, or inventing, or am I just a radio tower for loving energy which manifests as creativity. I try not to judge it. I try to bring love into me too.

Any  offense taken, please forgive. Please try and keep comments and communications kind and encouraging.

Just know that my ideas are all about or intended to benefit us, the collective, including you and I. Only for good,  yo :)

By helping them, we help us, by you helping me, you will benefit too...I don't know when, but I think we all deserve opportunities and the time to enjoy our lives in happiness. 

Let's find our happiness together!


I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity to return from my unintential leave. I hope that you have been inspired by the artists on here, (of which I'm not sure I'm one yet?. And also, please be inspired by yourselves. You are supporting good and progressive works of love, peace, and hopefully in and of a place of happiness and satisfaction in life. 

I'm working as hard as I can, much like many of you. I'm trying to better myself just like many of you. 

I just ask that if you support me in any way, please be supportive of my process and I'd be happy to commit to bimonthly posts. It's a new year afterall!

Thank you♡