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Prop: Live - Q&A with Andrew Cook (DFT) - 2/7/2015
Bill time travels to the future to chat with Andrew Cook (DFT) in New Zealand! Bill and Andrew answer questions about sanding, toxic fumes, costume photo shoots paid with beer, paint drying times in New Zealand, styrofoam vs. EVA foam, decal stencils, conventions, blueprints and more! Submit your finished foam costume/prop and get free stickers! Support Bill’s Q&A Live show! Contributing $1 an episode helps the Prop & Costume making train keep on rolling. Sandpaper Variety Pack Respirator Small Computer Fan L200 EVA Foam Sheets X-ACTO Designer Craft Knife Dremel Tool Ponoko Laser Cutting Service PlastiDip Epsillon Sew-On Snaps Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 3 – Undersuits, Straps, & Lights Prop: Shop - Custom Stencils for your Custom Props! How to Make a Foam Helmet by Evil Ted Smith KyleofAsgard - How to make your own Cosplay mannequin. Ft. Andrew Cook! Amazon Affiliate product links help support the show. Thank you for helping out with your purchases!
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