A proper living ...

For this we must be aware of the most subtle reality, the universe is mental, everything is spirit.

Because it is rather difficult to become aware of any such matters very often we stumble subtle enough to not be going forward.

Much of the peoples is in regeneration mode, just as regeneration decreases vibration and vibration is that we depend on for a living, even regeneration depends on vibration, speaking percentage as we have more need of regeneration so regeneration will return lower, much lower, until degeneration will come out victorious.

That's why we have more possibility to understand what he as vibration function, not aware.

So we have to organize better.

Ironically speaking but it is a reality present situation is not accidental.

This situation is maintained seem chaotic and hopeless at a very high level, in other words is deliberate, it is organized if you want a game, a game of death, mass murder called genocide, however it is obtained thanks to general ignorance.

To manage to rise as many somehow have to organize our organization better than this illusory.

Take a few reference points:
1.) We need sleep ~ for regeneration have better yield, increase vibration; but obviously we can not force any sleep, otherwise should not force anything.

2.) We need basic nutrition-feeding is breathing, eating is concerned; Basic foods are those that contain enzymes, they are the building block of the body can build vitamins, proteins that do not take them through food, traditional food still remove a lot of enzymes (where the ego man can think smarter than God) by raising the temperature above 40 degrees celsius when food enzymes evaporated.
However, we must consider the fact that nutrition is actually a power filter that power climb from the bottom up and keep us on a corresponding vibration in the physical plane this vibration must be as close to us you can use it, because they just do not think that diet can have such force energy regenerating billions of cells in the physical body of the energy comes from our spirit here ...
I guess vibration term metabolic or endocrine several issues usually mean by transformation of higher vibrations on one lower body get to use 100% effective spirit, provided you do not have much need of regeneration.

The need for regeneration comes from energy consumption vital soul in the act of ejaculation or orgasm erotic in the Bible is scripted this when it says, "not to eat the forbidden fruit, for he who consumes surely die."

Of course there is nothing so closed but cautions that it must be closed and remain so for ejaculation or orgasm is an embodiment, before there is a grounding of cosmic energy to the physical body does not burn instantly, is a short-circuit protection, energy and vibration you get too close to the red center of the orange which is the center of vitality we need to use genuine good sense to coordinate our mental well otherwise we have no way, as the tide take us very easily.
Obviously there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as in fact in something absolutely nothing could be worse, if we can multiply this up here for propagating nar be a problem because we do not know anyone to have thousands of children, is about habit. The erotic energy is tangently indeed causal, so normally no dieback we can easily amplify and vitality of nearby we see that we do not deal with the fatigue of any kind, basically we could have sex and for days, but for that We must not physically forcing the body that can not adapt quickly to change the erotic vibration, this vibration because of the physical body.

3.) We need to wash-water is a mineral that has a quality: wash any vibration.

Obviously feeling of heaviness that makes us feel that we must wash are lower vibrations, vibration rezidulae, death, death coming from the billions and billions of cells.
However we must be careful how we wash, the head of the parable is a sacred area that should not be touched by nothing so much less water.
If you must wash us but we wash them in the head we must move faster.
Besides food and water is a necessary evil to transport other minerals out of the body, so minerals and parts of disintegrated cells. We can see that when we are rested even force us not too thirsty.

4.) In nutrition we can use alkaloids, the most common are caffeine and nicotine just need to know about each alkaloid such acts in the body.

Caffeine help to death old cells and help to regenerate new cells.

Nicotine help, amplify, overall the reactions of the body but without considering the meaning of reaction.

You have to understand that nicotine goes well on a diet 100% natural, after 2 weeks of eating barely cooked naturally we really feel 100% positive effects of nicotine, until then a request body when we use genuine, careful not to use nicotine habit For example, when we catch a cold ... we see that the effects are negative.
There are an infinite number of types of alkaloids (nitrogen composition of organic substances develop this role), many are part of the diet such as certain vitamins others are very strong and can become toxic to change the vibration of sound vibration from one bad low. .. because such drug that is banned because there is no educational background and many can die very easily.

5.) Let's effort is well-known that every effort should we not pass without bringing poitive effects, even if we can not realize some timely.

Training comes from Train-ment, ie to train the mind. Indeed only matter remaining is a condensation mentality of some older but still mental scenarios are.

So we make an effort whether physical, psychological or mental effort is mental.

The physical body is copied from the astral body so the Bible tells us, just as there is scripted, "the image and likeness of God"; idea is that God can not be personified because it is not a divinity.

Every effort we make to positively affect mental ability to control anything but first will feel the effect of the training that is done, then the effects will include other areas until ... we can say that we are ok .

Please note if I had a vitality decline to take re-training easier with known standards, achieved before because we are not at the same level ...

to get back there will have to start from where we are;

a mistake in this regard did Bruce Lee, perhaps where a mistake of pride, and did not want the world to see him differently.

6.) A live life properly ... ~ properly correspond to do what is necessary to maintain our chosen path to that road.

For example, if we want to be angels will have to live like angels, even if we do not know intuition can tell us exactly what we need for this.
Less personal desires, ie not just for us when we pray, because prayer is actually a desire we must pray for others in this way even if we do not realize if you have an effect ... will be a general blessing all over the planet, so it works.
Actually the man has to raise the vibration not only for himself, man is part of the environment, the soul of these planets: Geea. Geea must evolve like any other being, the solar system, galaxies must evolve ... as God indeed must evolve.

I was warned that galaxy can lose it if people will not evolve to avoid it showed me that the solution is return to the origin ...

obviously you do not know what it is, but in large, people will be removed from these sexy bodies and brought back into their bodies and those archetypal very much like pets ... hence the appeal of cartoons ... well ...
hopefully it will not be necessary