The Prophet
"Who was that?"

"He was once the Queen’s right wing. He would predict the future by listening to that snail shell of his."

"What happened?"

"He started being wrong.”


This exiled and disgraced house sparrow seer is an example of an aspect of BoR that will need to be redacted. I decided shortly after this that the mountains of Remex are set in a version of North America without introduced species. While human-bird interactions are important in our world, I didn't want that to be a primary element of these stories (think Redwall rather than Silverwing), so we will not be seeing humans in the canon Ballads.

Perhaps, however, this Ballad is from across the pond... hmm...

This was day three of playing with the dip pen for the first time in years, and I was DIGGIN' it. Technique wise I am very happy with this--I think I struck a good balance between pen-created textures and ink washes. Man I love texture. And ink. Mmmmmm.

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