Proposal for the Wesnoth League - part 01
Well I was surprised to hear so many positive comments from you guys (thank you very much!) about this little project I want to start so I think I will push it forward a step. If some of you wonder what I am talking about then hear this - in my latest video I announced that I will be holding an ongoing league or chart of battles in Battle for Wesnoth strategy game for my subscribers. This is a tribute to both my great audience and the great game. As this game is awesome and as it is free (google Battle For Wesnoth or go to, many have mentioned they would like to join. So here I am trying to figure this one up. Now things I am already sure about the following: - Anyone can join (I won't require anything other than signing up with me anywhere - email, Steam, Skype - whatever. I just need to know about you prior to the first battle). I would probably also like to publish at least two contacts (ideally Skype and Email) so anyone of the league can join you if they want to set up a match - I will hold no special requirements on maps or races, you can choose any 1vs1 map and play anything you want against anything the other player wants. The game is very well balanced so any race can beat any other race (I am looking at you, undead) - There will be 2 battles per week per person - you can not battle the same person that you already battled in the past few battles (ideally I want this place, my Patreon, to work as a match maker and contact exchanger where we can always find someone new to battle and not to face the same people over an over) - I will require a replay for every chart match so that I can include it in the league Things I am not sure about and I would like your opinion: - 2vs2 and 4vs4 matches + survival specials. Should they be included in the league? If so I think I should look into holding these and making sure they are fair (because a lot can go wrong in these). But still it would be great to see them arranged even between the players on their own - how to score the league? I mean we could easily give each player 3 points for victory and 1 point for loss but what about people joining later? One way how to fix this would be allowing them to "catch up" so they could play the right amount of matches for the entirety of league (however this will get harder and harder as the time passes). Second possibility would be to divide the amount of points by the amount of battles that the player had and the chart would then show this. On the other hand the newcomers could then jump from the very bottom to the very top in one battle (3 points / 1 battle = 3 points while someone who battled 12 and lost one would rank below him). However there is a quick fix - only include people with say 4 battles after the first month. Opinions, plox? - extra eras and custom maps. Yes or no? That might be highly unfair to some so I would suggest only classical era (or extended) as they are perfectly balanced and only certain 1vs1 maps allowed (there are some map packs that could serve us well). I guess we will have to test it era by era, map by map. - publishing the matches of other people on my channel - would you like that? For 100% I won't publish anything without the consent of the both battling sides but I would like to show some master battles and share their strategy with you guys, especially if we hold some extra matches - quitting and dropping out - how to deal with this? My suggestion would be penalty points. These will be applied on the basis of three strikes and you are out. However all measures should be taken to resume the battle at the last point before reporting someone as a quitter. False accusations should too be severely penalized (the game can be saved and reloaded at the time of dropout without problem or can be saved and continued later on so no worries, if you are not a quitter you won't be punished as one). OK, this coves my thoughts at this point and I am looking to hear from you guys! Alfa
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