Protean 8x2 and LED Luna plans!
I think my problem in the past is I took a way too structured approach to Patreon. As I’m sure most of you have seen, I’m currently working on my Protean 8x2 project. However, I’ve learned a great bit and am happy to say that if this works out, (in one way or another), I plan to return to Patreon with simpler reward tiers! No more early videos to one tier, and later to another tier. Instead, (as I suppose most people do), everyone on Patreon will have the first look, and a month or so later, the entire public.

I want to say my focus will probably be everywhere, but the first thing I want to do is cover a full tutorial for LED Luna. However, this will be far from the first generation LED Luna with significant improvements and ease of design. Not only options for color, but probably best of all, significantly less soldering and manual wiring! (But yes, there’s still a little bit of soldering and wiring.)

There’s still another sewing tutorial I need to post as well. And if you haven’t been following me on DeviantArt, my Anthro Pony Mare Biped Plushie Pattern 09 is now available on Etsy!

(And yes, I know I should’ve posted it here first. ^^;) Improving my anthro pattern is another thing I hope to focus on, and not just for ponies. So in about a month or so, I’ll be changing back to monthly pledges. (Plus Patreon is working much better than before, even if it can’t handle white space properly.) Thank you again for your support!

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