Pride is an entire month for a reason...  It doesn't happen on one day, in one place.  It's for the Harvey Milk in all of us,  for my dear friend who attended the very first pride in a rural town in Wyoming, yesterday, and for the young child dancing next to me today, in the fountain at Seattle Center.  As I look through the water that is so wet, I almost can't breathe, but I am blind without my eyes open, so I am compelled to open them... As I do, all I see is...  The rainbow.  There's a prism off of each tear drop, the blinding bright, around the outside edges of my eyelashes. There's a reason why these Anthems (that I take for granted)   - Dancing Queen, I Will Survive, and YMCA,   are Still Here.  There's joy, pain, stigma, fear, love, death and life in these lyrics. I hope that for you, today, my Honest Outliers,  That the sharp edges of your mirrors are prisms.  I am proud of you for being here.