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Provocative People Making Games: from the Game Developers Conference & Lost Levels, March 2014
Earlier this month I found some provocative people making games at the Game Developers Conference, and at a free unconference called Lost Levels nearby. Please enjoy this latest episode of the Justin Hall Show! I interviewed four folks here: Anna Anthropy, Paolo Pedercini, Auriea Harvey and Mahdi Bahrami. Each of them makes personally-motivated games. I was sorry I didn't ask Anna Anthropy about her games work; I focused on her books instead. She is a bold example of individuals telling their story through games. I chose web pages, now I'm using film. It's exciting to see that games can be a personal storytelling medium as well! Anna recommended that folks eager to experiment with making personal games experiment with Twine. Behind the Scenes It was fun thinking of a quick jingle and filming that. A human voice! That's about what my show is about: "For provocative stuff that I think you should know, check out the Justin Hall Show" - hah. "Branding" :-) I continue to bask in the happy learning glow from Larry Jordan, Color Correcting in FCPX using Scopes summed up in this article: Color Correction: Make People Look Normal by Larry Jordan. Turns out all humans are the same on the inside! Red blood under gray skin! I learned this for Richard Stallman and it's made my footage look better to my eye. Like the Richard Stallman video, these interviews were shot with an iPhone. But I didn't do such a good job focusing on people's faces. More to learn! At least the sound came out decent. For this video I made my first sort of lower-third, to stand behind the titles making them easier to read. I chose a standard font throughout to be like consistent and stuff. This video was fun to make - I pushed myself for a March 31 publishing date, 10 days after the end of GDC 2014. I had a much longer cut that I showed to some friends, and ended up cutting some fun bits at the end. Maybe I can do some side footage releases to support this video. But I have piles of other films to make in the meantime!
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