PRS Status / Request Stream Date / Post Card Update
I'll try to keep this update brief.

For the last few weeks, I've been doing a 3 hour drive every Monday afternoon for band rehearsals in my home town then driving 3 hours back every Tuesday morning to get back to campus for class. As you can imagine, this is exhausting and takes up a LOT of time each week. It sounds crazy, but the band at home is like my second family and with all of our other alto saxes out for various reasons I'll be the only alto for the biggest concert of the year.

This past weekend was a smaller concert- but it's still a 3 hour drive. As a result, I lost a lot of work time and was unable to get the PRS page done like I had hoped. Since I don't forsee me getting it done between now and Monday evening due to more driving, I'll be pushing back the Patreon bonus update from this Tuesday to NEXT Tuesday.

I'm aware that I may be a tad behind on other things (2 owed commissions most notably)- I'll try to get progress on these over the weekend! Next month should be easier since I'm only doing the insane drive home for the month of June and the 1st weekend of July.


I have decided on this Saturday (the 25th) for the Sketch/Request Stream! I'll be starting around 7 PM Central Time. Patrons of the $5 tier and up may request, but everyone is welcome to come watch!


The July Postcards have arrived at my place! I'll be mailing them out to all eligible Patrons! If you want this month's postcard the last day to pledge to the appropriate tier is June 30th.


Updated Calendar:

06/23: Weekly Art Stream (7 PM)

06/24: Page 06-04

Monthly Sketch Request Stream!

06/28: Page 06-05

06/30: Weekly Art Stream (7 PM)

07/01: Page 06-06