PSA: Changes incoming
Hey everyone, you may have noticed I haven't been releasing any content, so I apologize for that.

For the past two months, it's been hard for me to work and stresses me out majorly. I've been trying to get something out but usually when I do, it's overdue. I've also been working on my webcomic on the side, so I haven't been able to concentrate fully on releasing patreon content.

So the changes coming to my patreon when April comes around:

  • Commission tiers will be removed
  • Fanart Poll might be removed OR be available for $1 patrons

I will still be posting fanart from time to time, but OCs will probably be what I'll be posting the most.

Thank you all for supporting me so far, I really appreciate it. I hope things will be better down the line and be able to release more reward tiers.