Psalm 19:2 (1)
The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

The passage above is how this verse reads in the King James Version. Below is my translation.

The skies count the armament* of the mighty one, and the work of his hands tell of the sheet.

Here is the same translation, but written to show the chiastic structure of this verse. Note the parallels; “the skies” and “the sheet,” “count” and “tell,” “armament” and “work of his hands.” And in the middle, what the passage is pointing to, is the Mighty One (El in Hebrew).

A1. The skies

   B1. count

      C1. the armament of

         D. the mighty one

      C2. and the work of his hands

   B2. tell of

A2. the sheet

* The Hebrew word translated as “glory,” an abstract word, in the KJV is the word כבוד (kavod), but more literally means “armament.”

 ** Also known as the "firmament."