Psalm 99 -- response and tone
Well, I didn't expect to be writing a psalm tone and response this week, but... I couldn't find my book of Common Worship ones, which in any case comes with horrible copyright restrictions (the publisher does not take part in the Christian Copyright Licensing Initiative, so we can't even reproduce the music for choir use locally).  There wasn't anything appropriate in the back of the New English Hymnal. I didn't like the one in Psalms for All Seasons.

So, I wrote my own. As it turns out (I wasn't looking at it at the time), the text of the response is the same as the one in Psalms for All Seasons. And like the one in PfAS, it has a short tone, allowing for the odd number of verses in the psalm and how the refrain needs to line up.

The tone is a bit weird: three small black notes instead of two, in the second half.  This makes the pointing non-trivial, but with Common Worship it seems to be all right.

Music is CC by-SA, as usual. I can't upload a .pdf here any more (which is too bad really). Words are copyright the Archbishop's Council, but if you want them without the pointing, they're available online at -- I have the refrain after v3, v5, v7 and v9.

If you're a last-minute organist like me you could even use this on Sunday. If you do, please let me know how you get on!