.PSD File Test!

Hey guys! So I've been kicking around the idea of uploading my layered .PSD files here as a Patreon reward for a few months, and now I'm finally doing it!

The Photoshop file attached (which can also be opened in Clip Studio!) is the layered working file of a piece I drew this weekend. All the layers are intact, including the sketch underneath, so any artists who want to study my process can dig around in the file, turn layers on and off, and study how I achieved certain looks! I lowered the resolution to discourage people from reposting the finished art, but everything else is unchanged~ Feel free to play to your heart's content! 

I'm thinking I'll probably do future uploads in batches- A big folder of .psd files at the end of the month, with all the art I've drawn for that period (and maybe comic pages, too!). This first test is public, but all future .psd files will be exclusive to the Mage tier and higher. 

If you guys have any feedback, please let me know! Hope you all enjoy!


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