Psst! Hey! You want some merch?
*opens up trenchcoat, revealing a large stash of prints* Merch is finally here! Granted, we're doing this all from our living room, so it's pretty much limited to prints for now, but hey! Prints are great! This isn't an official announcement, either. Consider this the sneak peek for being lovely patreons! Don't stop that from telling your friends, though ;) We've got that print Austen made (with more to come), postcards (both blank packs of five AND the I-send-you-a-postcard thing like the patreon perk) and the option to get ANY page as a signed print (you can even browse the site and click on the new "get this page as a print" button). Additionally, I've got a whole SLEW of my old favorite C&H comics and Robots with Feelings doodles. It's also set up like a webcomic in a way, so browse around and just read some of my favorite comics! We're thinking about offering that Last Nerds print as a limited run in a larger poster-size in the future, but for now all prints are done on 8.5x11" high quality photo paper and come autographed. Here's the link!
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