PTA 0.3 Public Release! (SFW)

Welcome to Ponyville!

 It’s been a while since 0.2, hasn’t it? It’s been a long, wandering ride, but we’re finally here! Through a near-complete staff change, reorganization of assets, revisions of script, bug squashing, and asset compilation, we’re near the end of our year long tour journey! 

 This time, we introduce the remainder of the Mane Six! The engine has been updated (many times), the writing has been redone (and will be redone again), and so many more art assets have been included! (I’m in love with the character expressions especially, and the BGs are so detailed, I want to kiss a kitty.) 

 First off, the staff cycle. Our team now consists largely of three individuals. Spookitty, that cute kitty you all know and love, as Founder and Illustrator/Animator! errorStream, our equally cute but more technically minded Programmer! We have a lot of plans to make things feel even more alive going into future updates. And me, Silk Wright, as Writer and Project Manager! I’m not cute. I’m mean. Rawr! Deadlines, TPS reports, quarterly earnings, rararara! 

 We’ve poured our love into this game, and I hope you all enjoy it!  

 Moving into the future, we will release updates on our progress every 1-2 Weeks, with a rolling release for patrons every 30-40 days. We’re also bringing back an old favorite, the progress report! Quick, visceral illustrated representations of ambiguous data! Hooray! 

 We’re also going to have a public Trello board so you can see what kind of stuff we’re doing at any given moment! We’ll have that in a post for you at the end of the next week, along with a host of other talking goodies about our future direction! 

 And that’s not all! Spookitty has been streaming all her hard work live, on stream! Come on in to the discord server for announcements as to when she comes online, or just follow her on Picarto here! Beware spooky pony flash skeletons! 

As always, be sure to uninstall and reinstall if you have issues with the Android APK.

Be good, kitties, and I hope you had a good Nightmare Night!

~ Silk Wright


Pony Tale Adventures v 0.3

Browser Player 

[Win64] [Win32] [Mac] [Linux] [Android] 

 Note: Mac version will be added after we swap OSes and build it. Stay tuned to this page, Apples!

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