[Public] $300 has been reached! Part 1 of the unlocks :)
Woohoo! $300 / month has been reached! Thank you everyone!!!

I have so many unlocks that I will need to space them out a bit through the week.

Today's unlock is the 2017 poems / stories becoming free for everyone.

You can go to my Bonus Content page and find:

* Wind-Lashed Vehicles of Bone (story)

* A WHOLE BUNCH of poems (poems!)

These were previously for Patreon backers only, but now they are free :)


Still coming:

* The MASSIVE TRANS RECOMMENDATIONS list, HTMLified and expanded version!

* Recommendations video: Trans fiction 1 - Recent SFF short story collections (18 minutes!)

* Recommendations video: Trans fiction 2 - Recent novels (13 minutes!)

* Surprise bonus flash story reading! (8 minutes)

I'm currently trying to figure out how best to share videos on Patreon... I'm not really happy with any of the options yet, but I'll see what I can do! I already made the videos, I just need to come up with the best way to share them with you :) Any ideas are welcome!


Reminder: The $325/month reward will be the Timeline of Trans and Intersex Fiction and Poetry! I've already done a fair bit of research, especially trying to locate "firsts" (with some really surprising results!).

So keep on backing, things are happenovating :)