Public Beta (Starlight: Galaxy - Tactical Engine v 0.0.1b (public)

After 14 hours of work, the beta release is ready. There is  still more work to be done. The enemy AI is improved but still not  perfect. Next friday (hopefully) I will be releasing a private beta to  Patreon supporters which will include a two new team-members second  mission and a travel menu.

BETA (HTML5 1024x768)


1.Four new characters.
2.New attack modes.
3.Destructible terrains.
4.Enemy and Player objects transform on destroy.
5.New items and item interactions.
6.New animations.
7.New sprites.
8.Improved existing graphics.
9.Improved enemy movement AI.
10.Intro screen.(Fedora Fiish)
11.Pre-mission item selection screen.
12.Mission briefing screen.
13.Victory window.
14.New loss conditions (any escapes).
15.HTML5 optimized. (1024x768)

See you next version!

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