[Public] Blurbs, advance copies, and more about Algorithmic Shapeshifting :)

I have some blurbs for Algorithmic Shapeshifting, my upcoming debut poetry collection! I shared some snippets on Twitter (RTs very welcome!), but here are the blurbs in their entirety:

“Bogi Takács is a poet of visceral exuberance and Talmudic invention. Moving as dazzlingly between genres as languages, e makes the reader eir kaleidoscope where ancient traditions, unenvisioned technologies, and children’s toys tumble with ordinary, transcendent precision, imagining new ways of being and observing others signally extant. These poems draw blood and spark synapses, make dauntingly familiar and tenderly strange. You should let them change you.”

- Sonya Taaffe, author of Forget the Sleepless Shores

“Bogi Takács’s poetry is gleefully and unabashedly itself, pulling the reader through surreal worlds of visceral magic, body modification, political wit, and interpersonal devotion. Whether looking back into Talmudic history, forward into a science fictional psychic war, or sinking into the earth and growing flowers from its own eye sockets, “Algorithmic Shapeshifting” presents a voice that is consistently fresh, startling, and sincere.”

- Ada Hoffmann, author of The Outside

I also have advance ebook copies for reviewers! (Goodreads and Amazon reviews very much count.) Go here to request one :) I have epub, mobi, pdf.

I do not have print copies yet, but hopefully those will also be coming.


Status update on my preorder special offer from last month:

* Everyone who picked Transcendent 2 or 3 has books to await in the mail! :)

* I am waiting on a box of Dracula: Rise of the Beast copies from the publisher (it has already been sent). Childperson already wants to glue more stickers!

* As you can see, the release of Algorithmic Shapeshifting is inching closer and closer :)

Thank you everyone for all your support!!!

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