Public 'bonus chapters'

Hey everyone, just want to let you all know that there will be 'bonus chapters' being released in Liberspark. As a matter of fact, all of you have already accessed to these 'bonus chapters' the moment you pledge but if you are still wondering why there are no bonus chapters for patreon as well amidst the release, let me explain, especially for those who are in tier one, Qi Jing, you got like 70+ bonus chapters instead of 1 early access chap as the tier promised, this is because the public regular chapter has dropped to 8 last time while I insist the patreon regular chapter maintain at 14, so there had been a huge difference in release during that period, causing the 'bonus chapters' to pile up on its own. Therefore, all the 'bonus chapters' will be cleared off and released so that there won't be any outlier anymore in the advanced chapters.
In fact, our goal is still at 8 regular chapter per week, right now, it's only at 82% of the next goal - 14 regular chapters per week, but I still maintain it at 14 regardless of it. Well, truth to be told, it's not easy to maintain a 14 regular chapter per week as I also have another job so that I can sustain myself and my family. Nevertheless, I will continue to persist at this rate and will do more whenever I find free time. Anyhow, I have to thank all of you for your support, particularly those who have been supporting this translation project since I took over the project, can't thank you enough for that, and I'm deeply grateful to you all. I sincerely hope that the project can sustain until the end. 

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