Public Build: 0.668 Alpha

This is the last 0.6 build, it has come along way since 0.601.

  • Added: First sex scene with Cassie
  • Tweaked: Futa must now be enabled to start scenes with blessed futas
  • Fixed: Crash when changing graphics settings
  • Fixed: Climax resist now clamped to 0
  • Fixed: Roamers stop spawning after 8 are caught
  • Fixed: Incorrect succubus harvest removed, new scene will come

Added Presets Submitted by Patrons

  • Jeanne by ADynasty
  • Firiona by ADynasty 
  • Ivara by ADynasty 
  • Hellhound by Hellrainer
  • Elise by ADynasty 
  • Eraline by ADynasty 
  • Gaelira by ADynasty
  • Chocobo by Goldi
  • Aveil by ForlornFish
  • Quilia by ADynasty

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