Public Build: 0.706 Alpha

Change of plans, rather than finish the hybrid list and neglect other parts of the game, it will be done later. It would have taken the next five builds minimum before I would be able to focus on other things, so here is the public release now. Hybrids will be added slowly going forward, maybe one per build here and there.

  • Added Bakeneko (formerly Kunoichi) hybrid of Demon and Neko
  • Added Basilisk hybrid of Dragon and Harpy
  • Added Kludde (formerly Tiamat) hybrid of Vulwarg and Dragon
  • Added Kumiho hybrid of Foxen and Demon
  • Fixed lists when over 350 Nephelym are kept
  • Fixed allowing menu to be opened during fast travel
  • Fixed roamers following beyond their area
  • Fixed various issues with previous hybrids

Added submitted by patrons:

  • Airi by ADynasty
  • Desert Series Continued by Jojoplayer(Rose)
  • Echidna by ADynasty
  • Frost Series Continued by Goldi
  • Gaia Hound by Sweetleaf
  • Grey Oni by mikeg123445
  • Lucie by ADynasty
  • Miltank by Sweetleaf
  • Minty Seraphim by ADynasty
  • Minty Vulpuss by Goldi
  • Ocean Series Continued by Jojoplayer(Rose)
  • Oreo Series Continued by Goldi
  • Pikachu Series Continued by Goldi
  • Red Catsune by Rolien
  • Risty by ADynasty
  • Sweetheart Series by mikeg123445
  • Tribal Series Continued by mikeg123445
  • Underworld Series by ADynasty
  • White Oni by Jojoplayer(Rose)

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