Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.
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This build took a few more days than expected to finish, but we managed to push quite a bit of content into it.

Non-patreon members will have the privilege to be robbed a second time by Iski, the Kobold.

As for the patreon only content, this time the focus is on Samara, as she lets you explore her past in a very special way. To begin her quest you need to complete Mara cult quest, and go to Nathan's Inn. For Samara scene, finish this quest and build a camp with the camping supplies outside the city, in the outskirts for example. As usual the walkthrough is available here is you have difficulty.

For convenience, a save named "Build 14" was also added in the game and will place you just before the quest begins.

While this build is a bit late, our art and writing team were working on the next updates for a few weeks already. So expect some news around our upcoming content really soon!



- [Patreon] Samara new quests.

- [Patreon] Samara scene with 3 animated CG.

- [Patreon] 3 Samara pinups.

- [Public] Iski second scene.

- Samara sprite rework.

- Reworked Samara first quest.

- New pirates enemies sprites and abilities.

- Samara theme soundtrack (2 variants).

- Nathan's Inn theme soundtrack (2 variants).

- 5 collectible pictures.

- 5 new locations (Galleon).

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