(public)Fallout 4: New Vegas beta videos #2 & #3

And video 3 is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBnIxBpNPtw

I decided to include 2 and 3 together because, quite frankly, #2 is boring as all get out. It's basically me trying the first big quest "Ghost Town Gun Fight" over and over forever. So, to make up for that, I threw in #3 to give you a bit more, especially if you can't stomach watching through video #2.

The Mods

I didn't write enough progress down as I went from videos 2-4, because I ended up doing a lot of uninstalling and re-installing of the same mods or updated versions of the same mods, but there was some changes I'll denot here:

I better explain changes throughout the video(s), but the gist is I slowly removed some minor graphic-tweak mods and played around a lot with some mods that had settings. A World of Pain and associated mods are the ones that ate up the vast majority of my time.

In the end, I managed to find what appears to be a working combination between A World of Pain with a handful of patch-mods for it along with some other mods that primarily alter how AWOP behaves. I added a Monster Mod with some compatibility. This mod greatly expands the creatures you find, but I used a patch to remove anything that was lore-breaking(Like werewolves). 

Since I kinda goofed with these videos. When video #5 hits, I assure you I will spend ample time giving a completely correct mod list along with all my thought-processes of how I end up with that new mod-list.

But if you have ANY questions, please ask! :) 

Like I mention, a lot of the work centered around conflicts and goofy stuff happening as a result of A World of Pain and like 5+ other mods that are either to enhance, fix or add to AWOP.

In the end, there still is an issue that I believe is being caused by EVE and AWOP where EVE is applying energy-weapon animations and effects to ballistic weapons.

FNVLODgen - enhance distant texture details and loading distances

JIP NVSE plugin - needed to allow more functionality in other mods

Lutana's NVSE plugin - same as NVSE

NVAC New Vegas Anti-crash - bug fixes

New Vegas Stutter Remover - bug fixes

Armor replacer, speed load merged fixes

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - lots of bug fixes

Sortomatic - modders resource

Afterschool Special - quest/story, phased rebuilding of Goodspring Schoolhouse

Beyond Boulder Dome - Huge DLC-quality, lore-friendly new world-space(potentially adds 7+ hours of story/gameplay)

Rust Town - new world-space with quests/story/gameplay added

Wasteland Defense - build unique, defensible base in-world

Real Time Settlers - Settlement building and management

A World of Pain - adds 114+ new locations to explore and fight in

AWOP Dead Money - extends AWOP

Monster Mod(MoMod) - adds monsters and monster respawn

Monster Mod Wasteland Edition - MoMod bug fixes

AWOP Monster Patch - combines AWOP and MoMod in various ways

AWOP Revisions - more compatibility between AWOP/MoMod/Vanilla

The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino - Rebuild the Hotel, questing and missions along the way to restore the Hotel to glory.

The Someguy Series - needed for someguy mods to work

New Vegas Bounties 1 - story/quests to track down ruthless, lawless criminals 

New Vegas Bounties 2 - more of NVB 1

Tales From the Burning Sands - deep questing and story driven content with no handholding(no map markers, no clues, etc..)

Autumn Leaves - DLC sized content with major lore-friendly storyline, quests, locations, missions, story and much more.

Advanced Recon Trap Detection - Fun, immersive way to look for traps

Advanced Recon Range finder - range finder attached to scopes/binoculars

Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision - selection of abilities that enhance power-armor, viewfinders and more (fun little addition!)

Ambient Temperature - mainly used by Power Armor mod listed later

FPS Wheel - makes cycling through weapons more like a modern FPS game

JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating - reduce play-and-spray, increased weapon degradation(doesn't reduce "all-out" "going crazy" fun)

JIP Companions Commands and Controls - replaces Companion Wheel. RPG-like, real-time interaction and order-giving to companians without leaving the game

Powered Power Armor - Makes power armor upgradable, extensible and moddable in-game

Project Nevada - Huge overhaul to entire game affecting big and small functionality(I.E. adds reticle size based on weapon, change XP gain, max level to 50, etc...) Lots of stuff in this mod. LOTS.

Project Nevada Rebalanced Uncapped Max Level - Uncaps game to max engine capabilities to go to level 255 in game.

Mod Configuration Menu - in-game menu controls for various mods

The Weapon Mod Menu - in game menu for adjusting various weapon functionality

DUINv4 - allows additional info displayed on Pip-boy

One HUD - creates highly customizable Heads Up Display in-game

Flashlight NVSE - adds ambient lighting via flashlight and other equipment(very cool)

User Interface Organizer - various UI tweaks

Project Nevada Med-X fix - changes how addiction works

Sortomatic for Tales from the Burning Sands

Traits Menu Darnified - DUIN extension to change trait displays on Pip-boy

Hall of Equipment - base retexturing of many equipment items

Poco Bueno - large retexturing of many in-game textures

NMC Retexture Pack(Medium) - also greatly retextures many in-game items, overlayed on top of Poco creates great base, retexturing almost entire game with high-res graphics.

Textures Over Time - Various retextures and Parralax rock maps for increased rock detail at various distances

Collision Meshes - great mod that makes new meshes for exisiting items like fences, walls, etc... Now things(bullets) can pass through visible holes in walls, cracks in fences, etc...

Electro-City - big mod that relights the wasteland(really a terrific mod that keeps lore and immersion in mind)

Nevada Skies - A fave mod that adds large number of weather effects(I.E. Rain, thunderstorms, dust storms, rad-storms, and more)

NV Interiors Project - Providing a plethora of new building to fully explore inside and out, added and scattered throughout the world.

NV Interiors Project:A Room With a view - additonal space in New Vegas strip

Interior Lighting Overhaul - great ambient relighting of interiors

Old World Blues Path Lighting - adds lights

Wasteland Flora Overhaul - added foliage and trees

Wasteland Flora Overhaul - NMC LOD patch (I might experiment with using the Poco Bueno LOD patch)

Hectrol FX Duststorm Deluxe Hi-Res Retexture - awesome improvment to Vanilla dust storms

Hectrol Tumbleweed Deluxe Retexture - hi-res tumbleweeds

Mojave Nights: resizes moon, improves night-time stars, lighting

Vault 22 Flora Overhaul - adds vegetation

Willow:A Better Companion Experience - Deep companion with backstory, quests, lots of voiced dialog

Fallout 3 Dogmeat - it adds Dogmeat as an essential companion

Ghouls Hi-Res Retexture - improves textures for ghouls

Fallout Character Overhaul - improves NPCs faces/graphics throughout game

New Vegas Redesigned 3 - fix skin issues, face proportions, personality mismatches, etc. Matches person with lore/story of game

Type3 Body/Armor replacer - improved bodies armor NPCs wear

Type 3 for each DLC

Roberts Male Body - new body overhaul for playable character

BOA NV Book of Flesh - new textures for creatures

Feral Ghoul Retexture

Hectrol ED-E Deluxe HR Retexture - awesome hi-res retexture for ED-E

Improved Robots Textures - retextures many robots in hi-res

Super Mutant Mesh Replacer - better mesh

Wasteland Clothing - retextures 110 outfits across the game in hi-res

ADAM - Hi-res retexture of lots of armor

Advanced Recon Stealth Armor - adds armor with some fun stealthy/sneaky additons

Courier 6 Power Armor - Highly detailed, hi-res power armor flavored for the courier

ALR:Aptoms Legion Retextured - more hi-res retexturing for legion

BOA NV Book of Steel - more retexturing

NCR Civilian Clothing

NCR Trooper Overhaul

Omnis Hi-Res Pip-boy 3000

Spice of Life - variety clothing for NPCs throughout wasteland for diversity and hi-res graphics

Retextured Fallout Ordnance - Retex of some heavy weapons

Weapon Retexture Project - retex of 4-5 guns

EVE:Essential Visual Enhancments - enhancments to many animations and visual combat oriented graphics

Weapon Mods Expanded - plethora of more/new mods to attach to many in-game weapons (I.E. adding silencers, compressors, etc...)

Millenia's Additonal Weapons - about a dozen or more new, realistic, hi-res skinned weapons(Desert Eagle and many other real guns)

Audley's Misc Retextures - random items like eggs, and many little things in hi-res

Hi-res chems and health retextures

Enhanced Blood Textures - enhances blood of enemies, on surfaces and your own "hit splatter" effect.

Hectrol Binocular Scope Deluxe hi-res retexture

Ragdolls - not exactly sure but this should affect ragdoll behavior of enemies and NPCs without affecting damage or gibbage or limb dismemberment.

New Vegas Enhanced Camera - this gives you an actual body in the game

Weapons animation replacers - this works well with millenias additonal weapons to provide nice, realistic weapon animations

Ambient Wasteland - enhances and adds sounds

Improved sound FX - retools vanilla sounds to make them better and in some cases less annoying

Lonesome Road true faction allegiance - intelligently recalculates your faction allegiance.

Primm Reputation Restored - reputation now affects Primm and area

Ammo Ingredients as loot - I can turn down ammo-as-loot chance in Project Nevada and use this mod to compensate, thus shifting obtaining ammo more towards crafting to obtain it.

Courier Stash Integration - Redistributes all DLC packs from Ultimate Edition into the game via leveled-lists based on their generic counterparts in-game, instead of handing them all to you at beginning of game.

Gun Runner's Actually Run Guns

1) Adds a Gun Runners caravan that actually travels the Mojave Wasteland, run by Issac's cousin, Mathew..

2) Adds a storage and living area with additional security to the Gun Runners' New Vegas HQ building.

More Perks Merge - variant of more perks. This was an easier method of the complex way of integrating More Perks. So far the icons aren't working, but perks do work(AFAIK).

Craft Pack - adds over 1,000 new recipes. More easily craft multiple items.

Note: This mod initially seemed to open a lot of crafting up through one mod, but through investigation seems to simply be an OP mod by "allowing" tons of insta-companions, taking any/all craft benches wherever you go and "crafting" ridiculous amounts of ridiculously OP weapon ammo. I unfortunately have not found a great all-in-one craft replacement yet. Chances are high I will be dropping this mod.