(Public) MMT First Release - LIVE
 Hey all !! After some consideration, I've decided to release MMT as it  is now. This means that, despite efforts, only one song will play during  the game. That's pretty much the only change I wanted to make  beforehand but stress has disallowed that. Now I can happily work on  other projects I've wanted to for a long while, so prepare to see more  interesting dev updates !! including especially mori !!!! FINALLY !

Anyway, Thank you for supporting me. Even though this is what I consider inferior, it is now available. If you've supported me, you can get it for "free" in this patron-only post:

Otherwise, the game is LIVE on the Google Play store for US$0.99 !!  GET IT HERE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=game.HybridDragon.MazeTilt

Thank you so much for your support !!