Public Post - 2016 New Year State of the Patreon
It was a busy year, although there wasn't a lot of artwork to show for it! As pictured, one of the main art projects I worked on this year was producing a colouring book.  This involved having to re-draw several images that weren't originally inked, but I rather enjoyed the process! The only other art I managed this past year was the "Eight of Cups" artwork for the 78 Tarot Nautical deck. Both the deck and the coloring book were released in December.

The thing that took up rather a lot of time this past year was writing. I wrote and published a book called "Chasing Demons", book one of a (planned) three-book arc. It is a paranormal romance about a witch and a time-travelling demon hunter with ties to Avalon and Morgan le Fae. "Chasing Demons" was released in June, and I immediately started writing the follow-up, titled "Seeking Truths". That has occupied A LOT of my creative time! I have plans for both art and writing for the new year.

This coming year, it is my intention to finish the artwork for my planned ladies of art nouveau calendar, "The Months". I also am creating another image for 78 Tarot - Three of Pentacles - for the upcoming "carnival" themed deck. I also have ideas for an original art nouveau motifs coloring book. And, I need to finish "Seeking Truths". I hadn't planned on including writing as part of my Patreon profile, but if anyone is interested, I'm happy to add that to the list of "things" a patron can access - sort of exclusive excerpts, or full beta-read privileges, free books, that sort of thing. Let me know what you'd be interested in!

Thanks for reading! And, if you decide to become a Patron - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Even $1 per Thing would be most appreciated!

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