February Previews + Roadmap

Hi everyone, here's a preview of all the new stuff you'll be getting next month, plus a roadmap of what you can expect in the near future!

February New Releases

In February we're going to be seeing the final wave of the 3D print Saurian and Robot releases, plus we have a new collaboration with Warploque Miniatures for you. For 2D print we're going to have a whopping 4 new sets, including the last set of FTL fleets. Finally we'll be releasing chapters 3+4 of Darkness Within, and we've got a new early access game to be revealed, so stay tuned.

3D Print Rewards (17 models):

  • Saurians - Frog-Mage x1
  • Saurians - Guardians x5
  • Saurians - Ankylosaurus x1
  • Robots - Annihilator Overseer x1
  • Robots - Flesh-Eaters x5
  • Robots - Annihilators x3
  • Extra Model by Warploque Miniatures 

2D Print Rewards:

  • Darkness Within Heroes (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Havoc Dwarves Army (2 Colors + PSD)
  • The Brutes Gang (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Alliance Fleet (2 Colors + PSD)

Games Rewards:

  • Darkness Within (Chapters 3+4)
  • Mystery Early Access Game

The above is only the new stuff that's being added next month, so you're also getting a ton of other welcome pack minis, 50% discount, games, and much more!

Project Roadmap

The coming months are going to see some BIG changes for our project, aimed at both improving our production process and delivering even more content.

Here's everything that we're going to change:

  • Public previews + roadmap posts on the 25th of each month (starting today)
  • Updated Patreon banners showcasing all of the month's models
  • File delivery starting on the 4th of each month (instead of end of month)
  • All models will come with a single-piece version for easy printing
  • All models will come with simple round/square bases included
  • All of the welcome pack models will be fully pre-supported
  • New loyalty rewards every 3 months for long-term supporters
  • Free throwback models added to tier 2, giving a taste of older releases

There's also a lot more stuff that we're planning on doing, but that still isn't set in stone. This includes completing our line of 3D spaceships, themed bases, themed game aids, army mascots, rpg characters, expanded releases, and much more!

In order to be able to get our production process in line with these changes, we're going to be using the month of March to provide a special release. This will include 35+ models from our Battle Sisters and Dwarves armies, plus 4 new MASSIVE models for fantasy and sci-fi.

After that we'll be going back to regular releases, and we'll be using the new throwback system to help you complete the Battle Sisters and Dwarves armies for free!

Here's a breakdown by month:

  • March - 4 New Massive Models, 35+ Battle Sisters & Dwarves Models
  • April - Starhost & DaVinci (Wave 1), New Loyalty Rewards, Throwback Models
  • May - Starhost & DaVinci (Wave 2), Throwback Models
  • June - Starhost & DaVinci (Wave 3), Throwback Models
  • July - Two New Armies (Wave 1), New Loyalty Rewards, Throwback Models

That's it for now, happy wargaming!

- Gaetano

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