[PUBLIC POST] Holiday Gift Guide 2016 : Wargaming Recon #172
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Behold the annual Wargaming Recon holiday gift guide.

Jonathan’s List of Stocking Fillers

Under $20

  1. Leadbear’s Scenic Tufts-$7.11 Facebook or eBay
  2. Wargaming Recon custom d6 – $18 via our Patreon Campaign
  3. Army Painter Most Wanted Wargamer Paintbrush Set – $14.41 via Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Under $50

  1. 1775 Rebellion by Academy Games – $48 via Amazon (Affiliate Link)
  2. Muskets & Tomahawks rules – $40 On Military Matters 
  3. Aurelian Gaming Package by Sam Mustafa – $49 for both Aurelian Rules & Roman Tiles (Affiliate Link)

$100 and up

  1. Crescent Root Studios Church – $210
  2. Attend a Con. TotalCon Attendance-$353.18 & up.  HuzzahAttendance-$268.26 and up
  3. Commission a miniatures painter – varies ($1676.16 at Gunners Wargaming Blog)

Adrian’s List of Santa’s Goodies for Gamers

Under $20

  1. 3 or 4 cheap tape measures marked in both inches and centimeters. Wargaming Recon Tape Measures = $15 via our Patreon campaign
  2. A bag full of mdf bases of various sizes from someone like Litko.  Modellers never have enough.
  3. A decent dice bag.  Don’t let your gamer never actually have enough to play. Tarot Rune Dice Bag

Under $50

  1. 12 inch Octogonal felt lined dice tray – $24.99 via Amazon (Affiliate Link)
  2. Warlord Games 28mm Bolt Action Hollywood Tiger – $40 via Warlord Games
  3. Gift certificate to Michaels, AC Moore, or Hobby Lobby

$100 and up

  1. 3D Printer such as Makerbot Replicator Mini Compact – $950 via Amazon (Affiliate Link)
  2. Waterloo Hougomont terrain set – $318 Warlord Games
  3. A pre-painted army for their game of choice.  Everyone wants to play, very few want to paint.

Alex’s list of Christmas Time Reinforcements

Under $20

  1. Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games – $8 via WargameVault (Affiliate Link)
  2. Rebel Minis 15mm Superheroes and Supervillains – $13.98
  3. Proxie Models bases – $15 via Amazon (Affiliate Link)

Under $50

  1. Old Glory 15mm Cowboys and Bandits – $32
  2. 1775 Rebellion by Academy Games – $48 via Amazon (Affiliate Link)
  3. 1 year subscription to Wargames, Soldiers, and Strategy magazine– $35.09 order direct (Affiliate Link)

$100 and up

  1. Old Glory 15mm Transylvania Play Set – $400
  2. TerranScapes Modular Gaming Boards – Price varies
  3. 2 Splintered Light Miniatures 15mm Armies – $121.99


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  • Listener Jack Sarge said of Ep 171 Fort Devens Game Day 2016: “Really enjoyed the interaction between the three of you. It would be great to hear from Adam Carriere as well as Mike Paine & yourself again.”

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