Public Release: Version 0.03.3

Public releases can be found on the dev blog!

I got a lot of feedback on some of the style changes, which is great. (It's also why I leave most of the style changes until the public release, to get a larger pool of opinions.) I started to reply to some of the initial comments, but Patreon doesn't cooperate well with cell phones, and I thought it'd be easier to just cover everything all at once. ^-^

It's hard to make a graphic design that doesn't suck on the first try, which is why some experimentation is important. There's also an effect where you become accustomed to something you're working on, and need a fresh set of eyes, or at least to take a break and re-evaluate it later.

Pink Death Ball: This was just me experimenting, as I mentioned in the change log, and it's not actually going to be in the game. I left it in because I thought it was a little neat, but it's gone now. JavaScript canvas rendering is functional, which was the important part of that test. 

Fixed View Areas: These are going to stay, but differently than in the last version. The original idea was to have either the map or the action bar be fixed on the screen, but not both. This way the most important "things to click" are always visible to the player. In sex and social scenes, it'll be the action bar. In map areas, it'll be the map. I did want to try out leaving both fixed, because it'd be easier and slightly cleaner looking. Unfortunately, I forgot to account for those with small displays or low DPI/large font settings, which renders the available window for text a bit small. It's been updated to work as originally intended.

Bubblegum Buttons: These didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, I think that the color was a bit too light for the gradient. I've set up a darker color, with slightly-less round corners to try out.

Computer Speed??? The Pink Death Ball JavaScript animation did take up a bit of computer resources, but there should be just about zero effect from the rest of the style changes on performance. (And the js animation should only affect the start page.) I've done most testing and development on a lower mid-range computer performance-wise, and I've also run tests on an extremely low-end laptop ($200 brand-new). The laptop typically took less than 1 second for most passage transitions, taking a little bit longer for images to finish populating. If you're having performance problems, I'd be curious to find out what may be causing them besides the usual suspects. Please let me know, but include information on your computer specs, browser, and anything you think might be relevant.

I'll be back later tonight with some art updates!