Public release Witch Hunter 0.2.1 (fix for 0.2) (rus\eng)
 List of changes (0.2):

 List of changes (0.2.1):

 - Fixed a bug where it was not possible to do actions with Elyon   

- Added Back button when you buy potions from Miranda   

- Added Back button with a porn magazine in the bookstore  

- Monster's HP was reduced from 200 to 150   

- Increased drop rate of the Morpion's tail from 20% to 100%  

-  Removed the Russian text in the English version of the game   

-  Fixed a bug where it was possible to indefinitely increase the earnings of the store through advertising porn magazines   

-  Fixed a bug when Bryan could not reply to the message in the phone   

-  Fixed incorrect character names  

-  Prohibited the opportunity to open a console   

-  Fixed a bug where it was impossible to pass the quest with Miranda's panties, or the quest began for a new   

-  Fixed a bug where the chocolate or plush toy is not allowed in raising Elyon's mood  

-  Fixed most spelling errors in both Russian and English version of the game  -  Added images сumshot in footjob scenes  

- Some dialogues in scenes with Elyon were changed and corrected (ex. There is now some sexual innuendos)  

Witch_Hunter 0.2.1 ENG(for Win/Lin)!f1xViAgA!NMl_UhiDxeJh2ViniyP2JhgIS6mJLdokEFy5igQjHcw

 Witch_Hunter 0.2.1 ENG(for Mac)!rtgBDQyJ!VQLL58_7E5LfsldcgppBrBGg4aya7ygdOcUXcn1tHvA

Witch_Hunter 0.2.1 RUS(for Win/Lin)!6xRklDKA!SwoUmGPNsXq5r4hts06o24MqLvzc-eP1Y7M1gbqUc78

Witch_Hunter 0.2.1 RUS(for Mac)!ahRhkTiY!nt70N4aVyH3nUc7UXt4XgzlIg3a2GwUMESa5mm-gxQM

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