Public Release - 0.8.0

Public Release

0.8.0 is here, finally. Apologies for the lengthy period between releases, been a bit of a struggle getting time to actually work on the game to the point where I hadn't been able to sit down and open my editor until November.  I think there is enough content written now though to warrant a release so here we are. Thank you guys for your continued support even through a couple of months with no updates.


New Cory scene
New Molly scene
Dialogue and influence options for telepathy rather than camaron added, choice can be made however no story impact on which path you follow just yet
Notes window larger and central allowing for more detail to be added to these notes
New Bill scene for submissive players who allowed themselves to be dosed by Bill
New Kendra scene as part of College Amy quest
New Lexi scenes for both paths (nothing major yet) as well as morning options for increasing (and decreasing) corruption

My thoughts on the telepathy/camaron paths, I originally planned to force the player to choose a path so if you started using telepathy to influence people you wouldn't then be able to use camaron however I've since changed my mind on that and they will essentially share scenes and menu options, the total times you use camaron and telepathy are tracked and these are the values that I'll be using for endings and any path specific scenes.




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