Public Release - 0.8.1 Bugfixes

Hi folks,

This is just a bugfix release, nothing majorly game breaking so no need to download if you aren't seeing anything odd.

The images for security office/sophies office merging into each other
The college  party text for females indicating they can spice things up when at the moment they can't (they will eventually!).
I've fixed a typo in the cloner purchase text saying it was 5000.
The gym pass lifetime membership has been reduced to 1000 from 10000,  this wasn't thought out properly by me - the intention is for it to cost  10000 but not right now when there is essentially no content except for  a few sex scenes for female players. A few players have reported  spending time saving up to buy the pass and I realise now that it wasn't  clear there was no purpose for it.
Fixed the inventory items not having a return flag causing the game to jump to old cut content and a wonky ass battle system. 

Download 0.8.1:

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