Public release of Holy Slaves First Episode 1.1!
Hi all! ~

So here is a public release of version 1.1 of Holy Slaves First Episode. I hope you will enjoy it :)

This version was created specifically to provide a comfortable transition between First and Second Episodes, and to improve this Episode in many aspects. It contains most of the functionality that will be there from now on (not including experimental version of gallery). But most importantly - most of my stupid grammatical mistakes have been fixed ~ (props to Sir_Cular_Logic).

Also, big, huge and gigantic thank you to the Luke Lionheart for his big donation! Now I'm able to build a really decent PC!






— New images

— Reworked images

— Fixed most of those colorful nips (now their color is more subtle)

— Function of instantaneous text

— Normal text speed is faster now

— Gallery (experimental version)

— Fixed major grammar and spelling mistakes (Credit to Sir_Cular_Logic)


Thanks so much for those who keep supporting me. I love you all ~

If you have any question, or bugs or even suggestion — feel free to comment down below or send me a message ~

Alishia <3

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